Innovation, independence and achieving great results together. That's our story.

We don't rely on the big IT manufacturers. We scout, weigh and evaluate promising technologies and together with the best consultants and engineers in the industry we bring them to our customers. That's the direction IT services are heading to: working with solution-oriented and independent IT professionals who endorse our principles and focus on results.

As independent players, we specialise in Data Management; managing and automating all the data in your organisation. Certainly now that the amount of data in almost every organisation is becoming larger and unmanageable, the importance of good data management is increasing.

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Data management

Even if you decide not to go to the cloud or not yet, we can offer you the best data management solutions for your data center. Solutions that are built with the cloud in mind and are open to the future. But above all, they offer the functionality, performance and security you'd expect from a modern infrastructure.

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Is cloud blissful, and if so, in what form? Do you opt for a SaaS application, or for IaaS which allows you to keep control of the IT services yourself? Or do you want to buy the systems as a platform, and build your solution on top of that?
From our broad experience we can help you with these choices to go smart and balanced to the cloud. Or not (yet)!

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Renewing your IT environment often brings new challenges. No matter how skilled your employees may be, the right knowledge or skill for the new technologies will not always be on board. Arteq offers a number of services that supports or complements your existing organization.

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"What we save today should still be the same bit by bit in 35 years."
Jetse Pettinga - Head of ICT Management. The Digital Archive, implemented by Arteq, is going to guarantee us this.

AMOLF's fundamental scientific research generates a lot of data. "But how much exactly, is difficult to predict in advance.", Carl Schulz - ICT manager. The Oracle Storage system provided by Arteq gives us the flexibility to make the adjustments in time.

 "MARIN is facing a data explosion. The research institute from Wageningen considers that the amount of valuable research data will increase from about 1 to over 8 petabytes in five years time". Kelvin van Brakel - System Administrator. The digital archive implemented by Arteq enables us to make this growth and keep costs under control.

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"We process large amounts of data for our customers, so the performance and accessibility of our systems must be optimal". - Arthur Poker - CIO. MMIT relies on Arteq for this business critical infrastructure


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